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Squirrel Removal in South Carolina

Nothing is worse for your insulation than a family of squirrels setting up shop. Our AAAC Wildlife Removal specialists of South Carolina are right here to help you remove your squirrel issue, clean up the mess, and fix the damage. Act quickly, because damaged wires start fires!

Megan getting a squirrel from a customer's roof
Megan retrieving a squirrel from a customer's roof

Scratching, gnawing and sounds of pitter-patter in the morning or during the day are a great sign you have some squirrels in your house. You could additionally find bits of dried out leaves, sticks, cardboard or insulation in concealed sections, also this is a sign that they’re constructing a nest.

Squirrel control and removal should be set in motion as soon as the animal has been found living in your home! Like several types of rodents, a Squirrel’s front teeth do not stop growing. Because of this, Squirrels have a habit of chewing electrical wiring and pipes which can lead to fires or water damage. All the more reason to hire a professional for the removal of any unwanted animal. 

Squirrels in the Attic: Why you need Wildlife Removal professionals

Your attic is like a playground for squirrels. They enjoy nothing more than to have a great, completely dry place to get out of the weather and romp around like puppies under your roof.Attics privide the perfect place for them. Squirrels usually develop nests in trees to keep them safe predators and competing squirrels, as welll as other animals. Your attic is the very best nest they can ask for, and they really did not even need to pay for it!

Squirrels in the Attic South Carolina

If it weren’t for the ruckus and droppings, squirrels might not be so bad. However, the biggest danger that a squirrel invasion can lead to is that they gnaw on electrical wires that go through your attic and walls. This is very bad news. As we like to say: “Frayed wires start fires”. There’s no need to burn your home down simply because some squirrels determined to move in.
Squirrels stash more nuts than they can remember to dig up later. The nuts they forget usually grow into trees. Let us provide you the best services, squirrel removal to clean up. Give us a call!

Squirrel Removal, Critter trapping, and Wildlife Control for your Home in South Carolina

Squirrel Trapping South Carolina

Terrific question! Getting squirrels out of your house is usually a 3 part deal. This is how we handle the process

  1. Set traps and catch the squirrels
  2. Seal up the entrance points so they can’t come back in
  3. Inspect and repair exterior and interior damage to your house

Should I Call a Squirrel Exterminator?

Please do not do this! The fact is that you’ll have us remove the dead animals inside your walls, instead you can call us and have feel rest assured that the job is completed. We take pride in the services we provide. Lots of South Carolina area exterminators and pest control service providers make use of poisons as their first and only weapon when combating a squirrels in your attic.

This could work well on ant and termite colonies, however it is an extremely bad strategy when it pertains to wild animal removal. 

Think about a humane, wildlife exclusion based solution when taking care of a squirrel pest issue. Not only is it kinder to the critters, in the large majority of instances, it is by far the most efficient solution. No need to create a squirrel graveyard in your attic for you to locate (and smell) months later when squirrel removal is an option. Wildlife control and removal is our specialty. If you are dealing with pests such as bats or other animals in your home, wildlife control experts , and their services, will be needed.

Securing Entry Points

Another reason to use a SC based wildlife professional for squirrels, mice, bats or even the rogue raccoon, in your attic is that you require to situate and seal every one of those entry holes. South Carolina area squirrels are masters of fitting right into tight areas (they ‘d be excellent in a “heist” film).

Squirrel Damage Repair South Carolin

Can you believe that Squirrels are amazing athletes? They can jump a distance of up to 20 feet!

Wildlife like squirrels or the common raccoon are quite common in South Carolina regardless of the county. You may have a beach home in North Charleston with an animal invader that loves to inhabit attics. You will require someone that will seal every single access point on the first try in order to make sure that the wildlife (whether they are mice, bats or any manner of animal) remains outdoors. Having a professional do the critter trapping for you will save you valuable time, cash, and peace of mind. Do not take any chances when it concerns wildlife that is in need of removal from your attic or home.

South Carolina Squirrel and Raccoon Damage Repair (Charleston, Columbia and Greenville)

Wildlife such as squirrels can do significant damage to your roof, soffits, eaves and other things in your home. In some cases they use their teeth and claws to expand little access points to make it bigger and much more comfy to go into and leave.

The exterior damage that they cause is undesirable. You might get comments from your neighbors! We are proficient at squirrel removal, also fixing the damage animals, such as bats and other animals cause to your home. Call us and let us, let us provide our expert services so we camake your house look like new. 

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Team South Carolina

We are passionate about helping our friends, neighbors, and customers manage their wildlife issues, and keep their homes safe and secure. If you’re struggling with an uninvited guest in your house or yard, give us a call!

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