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Wildlife Removal in Elgin

AAAC Wildlife Removal can help with any nuisance wildlife problems caused by wild animals in and around the Elgin area. If it lives in Elgin, SC, we can help.

Raccoon in the attic
We protect residents and businesses in Elgin from wildlife!

Wildlife Removal Elgin


Call us for wildlife control and wild animal removal or exclusion in Lexington County, South Carolina. Our nuisance wildlife removal experts can provide solutions to all types of wild animal problems including bats, snakes, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, moles, mice & rats, birds, and skunks.

Our wildlife control services include removal of bird, raccoon, squirrel, bat and other pest wildlife in the Elgin area. We also provide seal up and exclusion work to prevent the return of bats, squirrels, raccoons or any other South Carolina wildlife. AAAC Wildlife Removal of Elgin, SC is licensed and insured to meet all the requirements of the state of South Carolina.

Bat Removal Elgin

Bat Removal is frequent around homes and properties in Elgin, South Carolina. We also help with bats in the attic and provide bat guano removal. Bats can be found living in and around the house, including bats in attics, eaves, soffits, shutters and behind siding. Chimney bat removal is a common request. If bats can locate a quarter inch gap, they will move inside. Bat removal and control should be initiated as soon as they are discovered. The most common bats such as the Little Brown Bat and Big Brown Bat call South Carolina their home. We are experts in bat exclusion and bat removal in Elgin SC, South Carolina.

Bird Removal Elgin

Bird Removal services are provided throughout Elgin, South Carolina in Lexington County. Birds are very messy and unhealthy to have in your building. Birds can make a nest pretty much anywhere. We often receive calls for Birds in the vents, birds in the soffits, and birds on solar panels. Elgin bird control is one of the hardest calls we receive because birds can be very challenging to permanently remove. We will also clean up any bird mess to make sure your family and pets are living in a healthy environment. We handle all types of bird problems, so be sure to give us a call.

Snake Removal Elgin

Snake Removal from your South Carolina property is a very risky task. Snakes will find their way inside buildings and homes for many reasons, including safe shelter and food. We often calls about snakes in a house or snakes in a garage. We have removed snakes from attics, crawlspaces, under front porch or rear patio and in basements throughout Elgin County South Carolina. You should never attempt to handle a snake yourself because we have venomous snakes in the area, such as the Eastern Coral Snake, Eastern Diamondback, Copperhead Snake, Cottonmouth, Pygmy Rattlesnake, and Timber Rattlesnake. Some of these snakes, particularly the coral snake, are extremely dangerous and untreated bites may lead to cardiac arrest. Snake removal should be performed by trained professionals

Squirrel Removal Elgin


Squirrel Removal should be performed rapidly before squirrels damage your property or business. Squirrel removal in Elgin is a very frequent call. Squirrel control and removal is on the rise and should be handled as soon as you suspect you have squirrels in the attic. If you hear noises in the attic or scratching in the attic, call AAAC Wildlife Removal of Elgin. Squirrels in the area are getting comfortable with residents of the city, and squirrel removal should be handled in a timely fashion before the squirrels have the chance chew your wiring creating a fire hazard. Squirrels can also contaminate your attic insulation, creating an unhealthy living environment.

Mole Control Elgin

Mole control in Elgin County South Carolina is a common task for our wildlife removal professionals. Moles can be found living in landscapes and yards throughout the Elgin area. South Carolina is home to the Eastern Mole and Star Nosed Mole. These moles will often create homes under porches or patios, creating tunnels throughout your yard and pushing up the dirt, dumping it on the surface. Mole control and exclusion should only be performed by professionals experienced with the particular difficulties of mole control in South Carolina. Mole control can be done efficiently with the proper tools and training.

Rat Removal Elgin

Rat and Mice removal is one of the most frequent service calls throughout South Carolina, in Lexington County. Mice and Rats can be found nesting and living throughout a home or business, in walls, crawlspaces, attics, and floorboards. Outdoor rats will also infest barns, sheds, warehouses, or even vehicles. Removal of rats or mice should be done as soon as a property owner suspects they may have a rat infestation. The black rat, feral swine, and house mouse are native to Elgin South Carolina. Mice and rats will often nest for a long period to birth and protect their growing young.

Raccoon Removal Elgin


Raccoon Removal is needed because raccoons can cause problems and damage to your home or business properties. This can include raccoons digging through your trash or garbage and can lead to raccoons tearing up your yard. The most common raccoon control calls are raccoons in attic or chimney. This call is frequent in the early winter and late spring. This is when female raccoons give birth to their young. This is a tough problem for an expert to perform because the raccoon babies are often hidden in very tight spots and can be hard to reach. Get rid of raccoons as soon as possible and call us today.

Team South Carolina

We are passionate about helping our friends, neighbors, and customers manage their wildlife issues, and keep their homes safe and secure. If you’re struggling with an uninvited guest in your house or yard, give us a call!

  • 2019 AAAC Franchise Excellence Award
  • AAAC Certified Bat Exclusion Professional
  • AAAC Certified Marksman
  • AAAC Certified Mole Removal Specialist
  • AAAC Certified Wildlife Specialist
  • AAAC Humane Certified Professional
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Cage Code 8FT69
  • Construction Safety & Health Cert
  • NWCOA Certified Basic Wildlife Control Operator
  • SC Specialty Contractor License # 56834
  • Werner Climbing Pro Safety

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